Real Adventure.

Built by you.

Rufus Lake

No schedules. No pressure.

Just real off-grid adventure.

Rufus Lake Misty Water
Rufus Lake Loon

With more than 62 km of untouched lakes, the Opasatika Lake network is yours to explore.

Bear Hunt

More than 300,000 acres of Crown Land. And lots of bears.

Moose Hunt

The best terrain for moose hunting around.

Grouse and Duck

Look up. Look way up – there’s your next hunting adventure.

Rufus Lake

The finest fishing and hunting in Northern Ontario.

Black bear hunt.

Guided or unguided aventures.

Rufus Lake Scenery
Rufus Lake Black Bear

The Opasatika Lake Complex

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Remember, although we are located in a remote area of North Eastern Ontario, we are easily accessible by road.